E. BEAUTY SET - Kit Eternal Beauty

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Beauty is in art, in words, in gestures and in everything that surrounds us.
Recognizing it is a step towards immortality, so Eternal Beauty is born.

Taking care of your appearance is a must for dynamic and modern women of all ages, looking at the image and health of their hair and who are continually asking “What is the secret of Eternal Beauty?”.

Di Biase Hair’s response is the production of hyaluronic acid, keratin and essential oils of great value, winning ingredients for the future of aesthetics and personal care. The new line Eternal Beauty features four exceptional hair treatment products, the result of the most advanced lab tests, designed to protect the hair and provide strength and gloss.

The shampoo, mask, serum and Eternal Beauty Thermocreature Provide a complete treatment that restores and regenerates the hair to give it elasticity and new vital lymph.

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