The history

Di Biase Hair is a young and innovative company projected towards the future but with a long history, as explained by Aniello Di Biase, its founder:


… my grandfather was a passionate and
dedicated craftsman who did a very special job:
he processed human hair that was used for wigs.
It was the 50s. He had a small workshop and
worked mainly for the local market…

The first generation of the Di Biase family did not yet know hair extensions, but knew very well REMY human hair processing technique, the same technique currently used by the company.

My father, Gennaro Di Biase, worked with my grandfather.
He liked it and wanted to learn all the secrets of
this special job However, he was also obstinate and
spirit of initiative needed larger spaces to express itself

The Second Generation of Di Biase craftsmen worked when hair extensions were becoming quite popular. The “magic” to get long hair quickly, while feeling the same sensation given by natural hair, which initially was a prerogative of international film stars and celebrities, soon became a popular trend. So in the 90s keratin, still today the most known system used by professionals and hair dressers, was introduced.

Finally, the Third Generation founded Di Biase Hair manufacturing, in addition to traditional products, also different hair extension systems. This is how the brand was launched on the international market, with dealers throughout the world ready to meet the needs of every woman. Each day, Di Biase Hair laboratories are committed to developing new solutions

Among all the teachings handed down by my family,
there is one which is particularly dear to me: authenticity.

We chose to look at the future while respecting
our past and our MADE IN ITALY traditions,
jealously preserved in every single piece.
Today we are even more proud to produce
superior quality hair extensions.